The Story of Aman

A journey of transforming this boy's life for the better 💙


10/1/20232 min read

Hi dog lovers 🐶

The journey of Aman has just begun... and we want to share it with you.

We first got a report through Instagram by a tourist in North Lombok who found Aman tied up to a fence. No owner was in sight and Aman was just left there without food or water.

At the time, the location was 3 hours away from us and we needed to find a foster home to care for him until we could arrange his transport to South Lombok. Luckily, we knew a local guy named Usman who visited our shelter recently who was willing to help! Aman stayed with Usman for a few days until we were able to bring him to our shelter.

Aman still has a long journey ahead of him… it turned out that his legs were too stiff and unable to bend to fit within the wheelchair. We were advised that in order to best fit into his wheelchair, both his hind legs need to be amputated… It was really difficult to hear this prognosis and we wish there was another way around this but unfortunately this is his best bet in order to fit in his wheelchair.

This boy has a journey ahead of him… we named him “Aman” as it means ‘safety’... he is safe with us now and we are going to do our best to make sure he gets the care he deserves.

Thanks for reading and all the love from,

Team Lomdogs

Aman was the first case of a paralyzed dog to enter our shelter… Due to the fact that our shelter is all outdoors and with 60 other dogs, his condition was too fragile, especially since he didn’t have a wheelchair yet to be able to properly move around.

Good news was right around the corner! One of our permanent volunteers, Bader, decided that he wanted to adopt Aman to his house in Kuta, Lombok!

We were in touch with Bali Rescue Dog Squad from Bali and they have been an incredible support to us! Having much more experience dealing with paralyzed dogs and having more resources in Bali, they have visited us here in Lombok to try and help out!

Bali Rescue Dog Squad brought in medical supplies for the shelter in general and a wheelchair for Aman!! Their support and guidance has been invaluable to us and we are so very grateful.