Projects & Programs

Learn about the shelter, the wound care efforts, feeding street dogs, sterilization and education for lasting change.


In December 2022, we lost our original shelter due to a flood. We secured a temporary place while we raised money and searched the island for a safe place for their new home. In March 2023 we found Dog Land in Mawun. We are still building out the shelter and clinic on site.

The GoFundMe raises money for us to complete the build of the shelters and clinic. This is the most substantial step in creating sustainable change for all of the dogs on Lombok.

Will you help us achieve this vision?


Sterilization is key to reduce the number of street dogs. Lowered birth rates empower our work to go farther, reduces the abuse cases, and means less starving or wounded animals.

The street is hard on puppies - no dog deserves to grow up in fear and constant danger.

We envision a Lombok where no dog is left untreated due to lack of resources. With a clinic open to everyone - no matter how much they can pay - we can support the entire community, pets and strays.

Read about our Sterilization Program here.


We can help make a better future for both Lombok dogs and people in the villages. Through education programs focusing on children, the next generation doesn't have to live in fear and puppies and dogs don't have to suffer at the hand of humans.

Misconceptions and stigma of street dogs is a leading cause of the cruelty towards these animals. We aim to help people understand that the torture and killing of dogs is both illegal and an act of cruel violence.

Read about animal cruelty laws in Indonesia here.