Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Shelter For Lombok Dogs' organization, how to volunteer, adoption, feeding street dogs, and more.

What type of organization is Shelter of Lombok Dogs?
We are a legally registered foundation (non-profit) in Indonesia on a mission to create a profound and lasting impact on the lives of animals and people in Lombok. Our legal name is Yayasan Peduli Hewan Lombok. SFLD is run by volunteers that donate their time and energy to ensuring this mission is completed. All proceeds and donations are directed towards shelter costs, sterilisation of street dogs, feeding and medicine for street dogs, veterinary bills, and our adoption program.

What are the main activities provided by the shelter?
We are currently managing and providing these projects: shelter of dogs, building a medical clinic on site, adoption, sterilisation of dogs in the shelter and in the streets and medical care for our dogs and wounded street dogs.

Where are you located?

Mawun, Lombok, Indonesia. The coordinates for the location can be shared through a private message if you´re interested in a visit or help us out.

Where does the money from the donations go?
All donations are used to support:
- Sterilisation program
- Operational costs of the shelter (electricity, building materials, full time staff, land lease, and all utilities to run the shelter)
- Dog and puppies food (We cook everyday to keep costs down and nutrition up. This requires rice, meat, vegetables and vitamins)
- Vaccination of our dogs
- Medicine for our dogs and wounded street dogs
- Vet bills
- Costs to facilitate adoptions

How can I adopt a dog?
Yes you can! You just need to complete the adoption form at our website ( and provide some required items in order to ship the dog (such as a proper cage, leash, harness, water bottle, heated pad, chip for tracking and food bowl).

How can I volunteer to help the dogs?
We have two opportunities for you to visit every day during the feeding times - 8:30 and 15:30. You can also walk the pups, cuddle them and document your time here to share love with your community.
Apart from that we also need help with: events, fundraising, local marketing (put flyers up), photography of the dogs for their adoption posts and medical help, design, marketing,and any other creative ways you may have to share our story and amplify the message.
Please send us an email ( or a private message on Instagram and we will guide you to the volunteering group.

What should I bring with me when I come volunteer?
For yourself: a water bottle (we do not supply food or drinks), clothes you don't mind getting dirty in, your phone to take lots of pictures, and a scooter to get here. We are always very excited to received donations such as: dog food (can be purchased at Fresh Mart), rice, vegetables (carrots, potatoes, peas, beets, broccoli, green beans, celery, bell peppers, yams or sweet potatoes, spinach) and meat from the market, vital medicines like: simparica (flea and tick medicine) and Bioplacenton (wound cream), puppy formula.

I saw an injured dog on the street, what should I do?
Please take pictures and document their location. We give medicine to many wounded street dogs and if the dog has already received their dose, it’s not good to give them more. We can let you know if we have already helped the dog.
For your reference and convenience, here is a list of vets in Lombok. Learn more about our wound program here.

Do you have a monthly donation program?
Yes we have a lot of membership options, whether setting a monthly donation on our website, or sponsoring a specific dog or project.
Check out our donation page to set up monthly donations. Or donate via our Patreon account to sponsor.

I have a business, how could I sponsor the shelter?
You can set a monthly donation depending on your resources or directly donate useful items such as raffle prizes, water/food, towels/materials. Businesses can also help host our events and promote us on their social media. In return we provide a certificate of support, promote your business on our social media and amplify your brand on our website (including a link back to your webpage!)

Do you sterilise dogs?
Yes! We have a sterilisation program for street dogs. Every dog in the shelter is also sterilised when they are old enough and healthy to ensure recovery. Learn more about our sterilisation program here.

What should I feed the street dogs?
Rice, meat and vegetables are great. Dog food is great. A few foods to avoid as they are toxic to dogs: onions, garlic, grapes, raising, chocolate, xylitol (a sweetener), corn on the cob, macadamia nuts, avocado, alcohol. These can cause kidney or other organ failure.

Can I give them bones?
Raw uncooked bones are great. Cooked animal bones easily splinter and can perforate the gut which can be fatal.

What do I do if they fight?
Street dogs fight - they learn to be aggressive early to survive. There is hierarchy in every pack and they will have to figure that out themselves - who eats first, who eats second, who eats last. It is hard to watch but a necessary process for them to go through to function as a pack. Do not try to physically separate the dogs if they begin to fight as you may be injured.

I found a puppy, what do I do?
First, don't assume the mom has abandoned her pup. The mother may be out looking for food or the pup may have wandered a little. Mom may be right around the corner. Do not lure the puppy close to any road. Please only take puppies home with you if you’re able to provide shelter, food and care for them for their lifespan. If you’re hoping to adopt, please refer to our adoption information page.
The shelter is at max capacity and cannot take in the puppies if you bring them to your hotel for a few days.

What if I see someone abusing a dog?
If you feel comfortable intervening to stop the beating or cruelty, you may - please do so with caution! Harming or killing an animal without justifiable reason (survival, food, protection) is ILLEGAL in Indonesia. It is punishable by law. Here’s more relevant information about these laws.

When will you have puppy yoga again?
We aim to do a puppy yoga event every month. Due to limited resources, our primary focus is saving, feeding, and caring for dogs every day. These events help us raise awareness and money for the shelter. We post the dates on our instagram and website.

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