Adopting a Lomdog is easier than you think

Learn more about our dogs and the adoption program. If you're not ready to adopt, you can sponsor a dog on Patreon below.

There's nothing more rewarding than adopting a stray dog and giving them a second chance at life! They are eternally grateful, devoted, and make great pets.

We assist you during the process

Watch the adoption story of Singa. She got happily adopted by Patrick and Danielle! Now living in Amsterdam in her forever home. โค๏ธ

We're ready for our forever home!

Meet the puppies and dogs ready to be adopted.

9 months old
Meet Agapi

11 months old
Meet Blacky

1 year old
Meet Luna


5 months old

7 months old
Meet Xena


1 year old
Meet Moe

1 year old
Lena is smart, confident and a good girl!



1 year old
Jimi has an adventurous spirit and loves walks!

1 years old
Meet Bolo


1 year old
Beki loves walks and cuddling up next to you. She's not shy but she is gentle.


10 months old
Meet Princess


1-2 years old


2 months old
Meet Grace


3 months old
Meet Lucy


3 months old
Meet Shakira



4 months old
Meet Franky

12 weeks old
Meet Jackie




1 year old

1 year old

4 months old
Meet Bella


3 months old
Meet Joey


8 weeks old

3 months old
Meet Mowgli



10 weeks old


3 months old
Meet Olaf


12 weeks old


3 months old
Meet Steve



10 weeks old

12 weeks old

The Process

We've worked with partner agencies and the local government to map our a process that makes it easy for you and successful for our loving pups!

Complete the application form below. E-mail us directly with any questions:

What You'll Need

These are the required items to ship your loving Lombok dog home. Each item is linked to order on Tokopedia, just click the image below.

Rp 1.030.000

Rp 146.200

Rp 374.000

Water Bottle for kennel
Rp 219.900

Heated Pad
Rp 741.000

Chip for tracking
Rp 439.200

Food bowl for kennel
Rp 646.870

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Foster A Pet

If you're not able to adopt, fostering is the next best thing! Not only are you helping save a life but you're giving more dogs a chance.

Questions? Our team is happy to help out!

What is fostering?

Fostering is a temporary arrangement where you, or a family, take care of a pet, often a dog or cat, until a permanent home or adoptive family is found. By providing a safe, nurturing, and stable environment, you help animals that may not be ready for adoption due to various reasons such as medical treatment, recovery from surgery, behavioral issues, or shelter overcrowding.

Fostering plays a crucial role in animal rescue efforts. As a foster caregiver, you contribute to reducing stress on animals, enabling them to socialize, and teaching them important skills, which in turn increases their chances of successful adoption. Fostering not only benefits the animals but also offers you the opportunity to help animals in need, gain valuable experience, and enjoy the companionship of a pet without making a long-term commitment. Your involvement in fostering is essential to the success of our shelter.