The First Big Step

We bought land!

3/10/20233 min read

This week we did something BIG.

After trekking through jungle terrain, down many rough access roads, and to all areas around Kuta, we found our home. On March 7, 2023 we put a downpayment on a piece of land that will soon become a sanctuary for dogs and puppies that need help. This is the first major step towards a better life for all dogs on Lombok!  Read on to learn more about the process, features of Dog Land, and our plans.

โ€œNature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles."

-Terence McKenna

The Process

Before we embarked on the long journey to purchase permanent land for the dogs of Lombok, we needed to get crystal clear on our criteria.

Here's what we needed:

  1. Enough space for 100 dogs. Although our goal is not to become the largest sanctuary we need enough space for the dogs at the shelter to play, run, and for us to build separate areas for puppies, weak & injured dogs, and separate the grumpy (aggressive) ones if needed.

  2. Land that would not flood. Been there - done that!

  3. Not too close to a village. We want to work with the local people to help solve problems, in order to do this we must respect their beliefs about dogs. The only way this works, is if we work together!

  4. In our price range. We have limited resources and must use them wisely to stretch the funds as far as possible.

  5. Other considerations: access roads, water and electricity, structures already built, trees and bamboo for shade.

Our Land & Infrastructure Committee took this mission and went to work! We are so grateful for their contributions, the long hours spent exploring and evaluating options, and their resilient spirits. There were lots of ups and downs in this process, but they never waivered.

The Land

A few options fell through, we had some tough emotional moments. But then... we found a property that fit our needs and even had some bonus items!

Let's talk about how great this property is:

  1. There's more than enough space for all the dogs, the shelters, and the clinic.

  2. It's elevated land so flooding is not a concern.

  3. It's far enough from a village.

  4. It's our price range.

  5. It has a house! This means we can have full time staff live on the property to cook for the pups and secure their safety 24 hours a day.

  6. There are tons of trees and bamboo for shade and building materials.

  7. It's close enough to Kuta that you can visit!

The Next Steps

This was one big step for our organization and it's only the beginning. We've lots of work to do now that we have our place to do it on.

Our first goal is to move the dogs to the new land where they can safely be away from construction and machines. We're moving them in this week and cannot wait to show them their land!

Now, the work begins. We'll be building fences, setting an area up for feeding time, refreshing the house for our staff - then, on to bigger projects: build multiple shelters and a clinic, and begin large scale sterilization programs.

While we're hard at work making all this happen we will keep you updated.

In the meantime, we have many expenses ahead of us. You can help by donating to our PayPal or the GoFundMe, volunteering with us, or donating items that are needed (a refrigerator, table for treating dogs, furniture for the house, an AC unit, filing cabinet for the clinic, tools, rags, dog toys, bowls, leashes and collars).

Thank you! We could not have done this without your support.