Mission: Dog Land

The most important step to securing a better future for dogs on Lombok.

3/1/20233 min read

Sometimes the hardest part in our journey is focusing on the bigger picture. We have to in order to stay sane and to keep going, keep fighting for the voiceless. Everyday we get messages about a dog or puppy that needs help. We want to help them all, everyday, forever. The only way we can do this is if we secure a permanent home for the shelter. As I write this - permanence is something we don't have.

This is the story of our land, our shelter, our home.

In December 2022 we lost our original shelter due to a flood. As we carried the dogs to safety, we received a generous offer for temporary land use. The plot of land was near the circuit up on the hill in Mandalika. It was wonderful - enough space for the dogs to roam around, paths to take them on walks, and far enough away from villagers' homes (hey! we're dogs, we bark). This land presented it's own challenges: we couldn't build any permanent structures because we didn't own the land, the neighboring farmers did not appreciate having dogs there, we couldn't fence the entire space, and we knew that someday this gift would be taken away.

In January 2023 that day came. Tractors and excavators showed up and started digging into the ground under our paws. We (the humans) were terrified and knew we needed to act now and act BIG. The dogs were also scared; they didn't know where to sleep, where to walk safely, where to be. Today both the dogs and their humans (Shelter Staff) are working together to find safe spaces near the land for daily feeding and hang out / cuddle time.

The dogs aren't giving up hope. Despite cruelty at the hands of other humans, starvation, being fed poison, and having to fight to survive every day, their spirits never cease to amaze me. No matter what happened to them in the past they have the capacity to forgive, love and trust. If we ever feel tired or defeated, all it takes is one glance at one of our dogs or puppies to be completely reinvigorated towards the mission.

Let's talk about the land search!

We need enough space for a puppy shelter, dog kennels (for sick or weak pups), a clinic (medical treatment and sterilization), and room for the dogs to run and play. Right now we have 18 puppies and 35 dogs under our care and we know that number will only grow. As we sketch out the options, some priorities remain: it must be close to Kuta for volunteers and staff, it must be far enough away from a village as to not disturb the local people, it must be safe from future flooding disasters. We envision a sanctuary where visitors can volunteer for a day to help feed, wash, play, walk, and cuddle with the dogs. We envision a clinic that sterilizes 100 dogs a month, saves wounded street dogs, and treats pets on a sliding scale so no dog goes without proper medical care due to an owners inability to pay us.

As our global team works 24 hours a day across 5+ timezones, our mission is clear: we must find a permanent home. Through fundraising events, GoFundMe, and support from local businesses - we're making progress. Today it's not enough. We hope that soon it will be enough to promise a better tomorrow to all the dogs and people of Lombok.

"The land belongs to the future."
- Willa Cather

Donate to the GoFundMe. Every donation counts! even $5 USD or 50,000 IDR. Anything you can give will make a big difference.

So, what can you do to help?



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There are new puppy cases every day. We cannot introduce them to the puppy house right now for safety reasons. Help us save more lives through fostering!