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2/28/20231 min read

When our Founder started Shelter For Lombok Dogs in 2022, she knew her mission was grand and it wouldn't be easy. If you know anything about Lombok - you know it's a paradise: incredible surfing, pristine beaches, a welcome break from the chaos of Bali, and wonderful warm people. Lombok also has a dark and tragic problem: a huge number of street dogs and rampant fear of dogs that leads to horrible abuse cases. A dog lover friend created this video to showcase the issue.

As an organization we've faced countless challenges, a lot of physically and emotionally exhausting work, and defeating moments. However, when we look in the dog's eyes, love triumphs and we are energized to fight. We'd like to bring you up to speed on our journey to this point. Check out the timeline below and stay tuned for the most exciting news: what's to come!

Would you like to get involved? Whether you're traveling to Lombok for a week and can spend some time feeding and loving the puppies or you're interested in joining our Board of Directors, leading a Committee, or other volunteer work - we'd love to hear from you!

โ€œDo not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.โ€

- Alan Cohen