Save our 4 Hospitalised Dogs

During the month of October we received 3 cases of dogs found on the street paralyzed. Together we can help the dogs!


11/8/20234 min read

During the month of October we received 3 cases of dogs found on the street paralyzed. This is a first for our shelter. It’s the first time we have paralysed dogs under our care. There is, of course, a much bigger responsibility to take care of a disabled dog. Aside from all the initial vet care and surgeries they currently need, integrating them into a shelter with 70 dogs will be quite the challenge. Being the only shelter on the island, we are the only hope these dogs have to live in a safe and secure environment. They deserve a second chance at life and we are here to make that happen.

We’d like to share each of their stories with you:


Aman was found tied up to a fence and neglected. Both of his back legs are paralysed. It was heartbreaking to see him tied up and confused not being able to move himself properly.

This boy has such a joyful spirit. He is full of energy and just a delight to be around. It truly saddened us how someone could leave him tied up like that.

Napi suffered from a car accident that left his legs paralysed. The people in the neighbourhood wanted to put him down but one of our caretakers refused and brought him to our shelter. Napi is such a quiet and friendly soul, he really has touched our hearts.

Vet prognosis:

The car accident has left Napi’s spine fractured. A surgery to amputate both his back legs has been performed. Napi is now in recovery at the vet. He is struggling a bit to lift himself up and balance as he needs to get used to both his legs gone. He is showing good signs of progress and is such a sweet boy at the vet, always quiet and so friendly.

Raja was found months ago on the street with a horribly deformed leg (probably due to a car accident). He was also found with a tumour behind his eye, which was successfully cured. His leg had to be amputated at the time. Unfortunately the amputation was not successful and he has been suffering from the wound bleeding and opening. This is because the amputation was made from the elbow and not from the shoulder so Raja has had a stump that was constantly bleeding and not healing properly.

Vet prognosis:

The vet has had to fix the amputation surgery by amputating from the shoulder joint in order to have a clean cut. His surgery went very well and he was able to be discharged from the vet.


As you can all imagine, all these surgeries, check-ups, medications, x rays have amounted to a large vet bill. The total cost for all the 4 dogs is: $3,330 USD

We urgently need your help to raise money for them. Our strength is in numbers. If each of us donates and forwards this message to friends and family, we can make it.

You are the only hope we have. Please help us so we can give these dogs the care and dignity they deserve so they can have a second chance at life. Their fate led them to this painful situation but it doesn't have to be like this. We can all help them.

Use the Paypal donation link below and comment “HelpFor4” so we can allocate the funds to the vet bills.

Thank you

Vet prognosis:

The reason for his paralysis is a birth defect that caused an abnormality in his spine. Due to the paralysis of his legs, he suffers from hip dislocation where his bones rub against each other causing him discomfort. He has undergone an orthopaedic surgery to fix this problem.

His paralysis also meant that he had no control over his genitals and it was always exposed. A castration surgery was performed to remove his genital while maintaining his ability to urinate. Aman is still recovering at the vet. His wounds are still inflamed and need more time to heal.



Siro was found on the street extremely malnourished and was covered in ticks and maggots. He was in an awful state. The struggle he was facing left him quite aggressive and distrusting of humans. We don't know how he got to this stage but his aggression tells us he was not treated well. No living creature should be allowed to reach this horrible state. Our hearts break for SIro…

Vet prognosis:

Siro suffers from a fracture in his spine and was diagnosed with anaemia. The vet’s plan for him is a double amputation on both legs. However, before that can happen he needs to be kept at the vet to work on his health and nutrition so he is strong enough for surgery. It has been a challenge for the vets as Siro is still quite aggressive and doesn’t trust anyone near him or to touch him. It is going to be a while of training before they can gain his trust and get his health back on track.